I’m 28 and I live in Leamington Spa, I have a pretty eclectic tastes in books, music, and films. I’m sure I know almost nothing about technology (photography, computers, the internet- flickr, blogging) but I’m willing to give it all a go.

I am a Reformed evangelical, charismatic, radical Christian- which means I believe in the total Sovereignty of God, the saving work of the Son of God, the Spirit’s cleansing and sanctifying power, the on going conflict between people of God and the principalities of this dark world, and the Church as a sign and foretaste of the ‘now and not yet’ kingdom.

At the moment I am writing more regularly over at Reformation URC

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8 03 2007

Glad to find you online…. thanks for your comment on my site. I’m interested that you were in a community praying matins and are charismatic too!

God bless you
Maria (also in the UK)

17 04 2007
Robert M. Service

I am interested in your site because I am interested in forming or in jioning an intentional Christian community (physical and spiritual) and would like to reach like minded individuals and families. Can this site help me to do so. You should of course know that I consider a communal structure to be the exact opposite of a truely Christian spiritual community based on many scriptures including 2 Corinthians Chapter 8 and operations of the communes themselves measured against New Testament Christianity. Ph 800-873-0679

11 04 2008

i want to be a part of Christian family .i want to study more in life but i m from a poor family

20 09 2009
Joe Hellerman

Don’t see your name on your site, or I would call you by name. 🙂 I have a new book out that addresses Christian community from a rather radical socio-historical perspective. Search: “When the Church Was a Family,” by Joseph Hellerman, to learn about me and the book. I would be delighted to have the publisher send you a free copy, if you agree to review it on your website. Contact me via my e-mail address.


21 12 2011
Terrie van Baarsel

Happened upon your blog (thanks, Google!) while trying to get the correct wording to quote Augustine’s Christmas Sermon for a post on my blog. Will be back to peruse Intentional Christmas Community more fully. Blessings!

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