Full and Empty!

25 06 2014

On our Minister’s Summer School we were invited to reflect on Acts 17 and our society and asked to respond creatively. This poem came from that reflection:

Full and Empty!
Not so far from Greece:

Athenian life-stylists counselling changes,
Jeremy Kyle policing exchanges,
Somebody Hopkins courting controversies,
Competing claims of identity politics.

Idols cast in pixels,
Singing stars into being.
Bronzed Adonis’s dribble,
To Heroes.

Fascination aghast, with wonder, and worship!

Mind, body, spirit,
Finding hearts empty,
Heaven and earth show,
Offering know how,
Flitting through angels, and crystals, and saviours.

Culture and commerce,
Coerced by unknown “gods”,
Playing with satisfaction and meaning and freedoms ideal.

Till someone stops,
and looking at people,
Sees with Spirit’s eyes,
In broken, in chaos, in tears, in loss, in longing,
Creation’s Man;
Come close.
God’s invitation,
Meet Him.




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