thoughts on beauty…

3 12 2006

The secret of beauty is not in what is seen it is in what is not seen, you can not replicate great master pieces, your can not capture love, because it is not something wholly present but something transcendent. Likewise, beauty is not passing away (saeculum) but rather eternal.

The myth of this world is that beauty is about what is seen, understood, and temporary. But Christians know this to be false for scripture assures us that what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal. We are taught to see the world holistically; materially, emotionally, and spiritually – to look beyond images to the heart and soul of a person.

The great preacher, Charles Spurgeon once said ‘an ounce of heart knowledge was worth all the head knowledge in the world’ and he was right but there is a deeper call for people to hear the Spirit in their depths. For beauty (and the beauty of God) is not something formed just between the heart of a subject and an object itself but between the testimony of the Spirit to one’s soul.

I imagine some readers might think that I’ve finally lost touch with reality, but search yourselves – is not the world in the bosom of God, are there not moments of perfect contentment when you feel totally at one in communion with God. It is these moments that the world seems most completely beautiful, when you glimpse with your soul something of heaven.

You cannot describe such moments, you cannot capture them physically, nor are they purely emotional experiences (though they may be emotional), but they are something more, they are spiritual. It is perhaps the feeling one gets when one finds oneself in step with God – a note to self on beauty seek communion, look beyond the images, feel more than emotion, listen to the Spirit.