vindicated – the amazing blog of kyle potter

11 09 2006

vindicated – the amazing blog of kyle potter:
“When a church says it’s ‘relevant,’ I assume they are less faithful to the proclamation of God in Jesus Christ.

I think they mean to say, ‘our sermons and expositons of the Scriptures appeal to the values and lifestyles of people in our society.’ I don’t think the Christian proclamation is very appealing to the typical American lifestyle or its values, and it shouldn’t be. ‘Relevant’ means, ‘we’re offering you a way into what you think is a good or better life,’ and ‘Jesus makes good things better.’ Has anybody seen that recent popular devotional book, Just Add Jesus? That’s just the kind of stuff I’m talking about.”

let me recomend the amazing blog of Kyle Potter-
I find he writes with wit and humour covering a wide range of topics.




One response

12 09 2006

Aw, shucks. Thanks for the link and your kind words. I’ve responded to a couple of your comments.


“Captain Sacrament”


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