A personal Jesus?

14 08 2006

I found this an interesting article by professor John Suk (I am unconvinced by his reasoning but I can see what he wants to correct). I would not go as far as the professor but it does provide a corrective to some self-centred approaches to Christian faith.

However, I wonder if the thing which upsets him most is not that someone might have ‘a personal relationship’ but rather that ‘a personal relationship’ can to easily become ‘a personal Jesus’ i.e. a Jesus like me or even a Jesus who likes me. If that is true then we need not to oppose the view that Jesus might relate either personally or communally (He does both to some extent) but rather we should oppose the view that Jesus is anyone other than the person revealed to us by scripture, present with us in the breaking of bread, and made known in the power of the Holy Spirit which he pours out upon us, His Church, to lead us into all Truth.

Truth that can sometimes be uncomfortable!




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15 08 2006
Mostly Harmless

As someone deeply concerned with Christology I concur. My conversion from Unitarianism brought cries of arrogance from my family. That I could claim to know God/Jesus/Spirit is thought to be a personal re-construction of the historical figure. I would claim not so! But I am sensitive to the dangers of our freedom to expand or interpret our experience of Christ in ways that suit us and our context. But my experience of my saviour has rarely been comfortable and always is challenging. The balance of revelation through experience and the revelation of scripture is most important for a healthy view of the relationship with Christ available to all through God’s grace.

15 08 2006
James Church

I think you are absolutely right and I think if our unity of thought through this blog is ever to be tested it will be over the balance between Word and Spirit.

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