a kingdom without frontiers

14 08 2006

With all the conflict and war in the middle east it makes me think of the frontiers of the kingdom. Israel is a religious state. One that has been re-established since 1948 under the decree of the 1917 Balfor declaration. Ironically the Balfor declaration was in recognition for the part played indeveloping munitions for the first world war and promised the re-establishment of a Zionist homeland. Now massive amounts of munitions are being poured out on Lebanon in order to keep the integrity of the borders of Israel under Hezbollah attack.
The kingdom that Christ proclaims is a kingdom without frontiers that does not need defending in order to maintain its integrity. It is not a Christendom nor is it a religious state that requires an army. It is a kingdom that occupies the hearts of believers and drives them toward community in faith to express worship and witness. It is a kingdom ruled by a the creator and saviour of the universe and brought into being through a cross which held the king to ransom. It is a kingdom epitomised by the cross on which the ruler suffered and died for his subjects. It is a kingdom whose integrity is held by a message of peace, hope, joy and reconciliation between peoples. The hope of the world is not in kingdoms with frontiers but in the kingdom without frontiers.

By Martin Hill




2 responses

14 08 2006
James Church

I totally agree with what you have said but I have a few questions-

how in the face of these truths shall we live?

how can we respond faithfully to the terrible violence being carried out in Isreal and Lebanon (and directly by British and American governments in other parts of the middle east)?

and given this hope how should we pray?

P.S. I was really pleased to see the Archbishop John Sentamu witness to this message through a week of prayer and fasting.

15 08 2006
Mostly Harmless

We live as those for whom feudal conflict and nation’s aggression is an anathema. So we espouse pacifism and promote peace in local community and in vocal opposition to the actions of our rulers that oppress the widow and orphan. This is a Christian principle, ironically, from Old Testament theology. John Sentamu has my admiration too as a public figure who is a concerned with more than the institution of the church. How should we pray? with a heart for the ending of conflict and a call to God for peace.

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